Strange Weather Radar Anomalies Feb 20, 2013

Weather_Radar_US_2-20-13 - 09Weather_Radar_US_2-20-13 - 10Weather_Radar_US_2-20-13 - 34

Yesterday, Feb 20, 2013, most of North America, as well as most of Asia,  experienced the most bizarre and strange weather ever recorded since they have been documenting weather patterns. Yesterday I took some time to collect several ‘phone screen shot’ images of various weather radar images, from different apps, and different filters (i.e. IR satellite, visible satellite, radar, and precipitation). Most images are from Arizona, but I found several of the same weather anomalies at other significant US locations.

The anomaly I am referring to is the visual appearance of a “radiating circular shape” displayed in all of the weather images. Notice they are the “center” of the storm hovering over that location. The radar and satellite imagery is to show where there is storm cloud and heavy rain fall. The lighter the color, the heavier the rain fall. In all my time of knowing and understanding radar and other weather patterns, I have never seen this “radiating circle” pattern. Not only was yesterday the first day I have ever noticed this, but I then found several locations in US that also had this “weird radar.”

The one thought I had was there there as some technology emanating an energy or wave frequency causing this anomaly on the radar. At this point, I have no idea what all this means, and how all these locations are connected. I do know many of the locations have ancient or occult connects though, which makes this even more intriguing.

Phoenix Metro, AZ

Weather_Radar_US_2-20-13 - 38Weather_Radar_US_2-20-13 - 39

Weather_Radar_US_2-20-13 - 01Weather_Radar_US_2-20-13 - 02Weather_Radar_US_2-20-13 - 03




Weather_Radar_US_2-20-13 - 15Weather_Radar_US_2-20-13 - 17Weather_Radar_US_2-20-13 - 16

Weather_Radar_US_2-20-13 - 11Weather_Radar_US_2-20-13 - 12Weather_Radar_US_2-20-13 - 13

Weather_Radar_US_2-20-13 - 07Weather_Radar_US_2-20-13 - 08Weather_Radar_US_2-20-13 - 14


Weather_Radar_US_2-20-13 - 40Weather_Radar_US_2-20-13 - 32Weather_Radar_US_2-20-13 - 30


Weather_Radar_US_2-20-13 - 27Weather_Radar_US_2-20-13 - 20Weather_Radar_US_2-20-13 - 18


Weather_Radar_US_2-20-13 - 25Weather_Radar_US_2-20-13 - 26Weather_Radar_US_2-20-13 - 24


Weather_Radar_US_2-20-13 - 23Weather_Radar_US_2-20-13 - 22Weather_Radar_US_2-20-13 - 21


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